The Secret of St Kilda

An upcoming Audio Horror Fiction by Haggis and Dragons Productions.
Created by Ross Lavery & Michael Ireland and written by Naomi Clarke.

Meet The Cast

Alan Burgon



Ben Meredith



Alasdair Stuart


The Narrator

The Secret of St Kilda is a supernatural drama about how far someone will go

to keep a secret.

Lockie MacGregor, a seasoned ex-con man, moves to St Kilda looking for redemption.

He left a path of destruction and deceit in his old life, and wants to start over.

The island he chooses, is inhabited by a cult trying to preserve its identity and stop the apocalypse.

Each episode takes a small step further into the supernatural, as Lockie realises that outrunning his past is the least of his problems. They need him.

In 2021, Join us on a journey beyond the edge of the world.

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