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Welcome our new Head Writer.

Over the course of 2020. Ross has been working on an Audio Horror series and with the help of Michael, we have turned it into our next major project. The Audio Horror genre has always interested us and we wanted to get this project on its feet as soon as possible.

The world has changed since we originally decided on the project and was put on the back burner whilst everyone organised their priorities. September after much deliberation, have put the project back in the forefront.

We have the story mostly written and the beats from the Very start of the show to the end of the show (we're thinking 4 seasons) are on paper. The script has been a hard thing to get started, we have so much we want to cram into this but too precious over every aspect.

We needed someone outside of our circle who had the desire and creativity to make our dreams into reality.


We met Naomi Clarke at Pod UK in February 2020 and had a chat before and after our feature interview for The Wee Natter. (check it out below)

Naomi is a fantastic personality and she's been wanting to get into writing a Radio Play/Audio Drama. After a quick discussion about this project we're working on and how we would like her to be a part of it. Naomi thankfully agreed, but advised that she will be brutal. A personality trait that we needed for this project, we have been precious about the tiny details of the world. Over the next week or so ,we detailed the story, all the in's the outs, the beats, the world around it.

We had the start of a script, which was good but worked better as a prologue.

Naomi in the past few weeks has worked with us closely and true to her word, been brutal about what we cut, what we include and plotted out our beats into its first season.

The pilot episode draft is not far off being completed, all credit for shaping this goes to Naomi. Her determination has lit a flame under us and the production meetings have been more active than ever before.

We are happy to announce that Naomi Clarke will be Head Writer on our Audio Horror Series [Coming Soon]


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