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The Wee Natter 2 - Electric Boogaloo



talk casually, especially on unimportant matters; chat. "they nattered away for hours"


Hey “hashtag DnD Fam” you got a TTRPG session planned? Everyone confirmed? Definitely going to go ahead?? But then shock horror, it happens... Someone cancels... -_-


Let’s talk about contingencies...


No, not that many.


Now, before I get into this, I totally understand people cancelling plans for a DnD session. Sure it’s a bit irritating, but let’s face it, life happens.

Not to toot my own horn but I'm pretty proud of the contingencies our group has come up with over the years (toot toot). When we're planning a game night (any game), we always have a back up plan in place. For example, if we've had a DnD adventure that needed all of us to attend and someone couldn’t make it - I’d have a 'Call of Cthulhu' one-shot prepared on the back burner.


Hold on, hold on, put your pitchfork down and hear me out...

I’m not saying that everyone should prepare multiple TTRPG games. Who even has the time for that? But having an alternative plan that suits the group, can help lower "cancel anxiety” and prevent disappointment for potentially having a wasted night. What about a game that needs little-to-no prep work that can be played online? For example, play a Jackbox game over discord or cards against humanity online?


I know what you're thinking: that's nifty and all, but you're getting side tracked! What about TTRPG's?!


Well, I have an example that doesn't involve having a completely different game planned...


This is an idea @haggispaddy had integrated into a game one time.

Picture it: a 'Fallout' themed RPG - set in a post apocalyptic setting of our home town.

One friend had a lot of commitments and knew he wouldn’t make every session. This was built into the construct for the story, so it was decided that they would instead, play a figment of another player's imagination. So if he couldn’t make it, then his imaginary friend had decided not to manifest at that point. When he was there it was a lot of fun to pretend we couldn’t hear what he was saying.


Who you talking to??


So be creative when it comes to planning. I’m sure you can come up with your own twist that benefits the group, if someone can't make it. I thought I'd share how we overcame ours.

I'd like to hear if this is a normal thing for you all. What are some things you do differently that work? Share them on social media and help out your fellow role players!

Keep rollin 20s!

Haggis and Dragons



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