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The First Wee Natter

Updated: May 26, 2020

Hey you, it’s Ross from Haggis and Dragons. I'm starting out a wee blog spot instead of posting on twitter all the time (word restriction amirite?).


The boys and I were having a much needed game of DnD this week, it got me thinking about how weird it was not being in a room with each other. That’s right, I’m bringing up how the quarantine affects a DnD game, bet you’ve never heard THIS topic before. I’m not too comfortable on webcam yet, so even though these are my pals who have seen me at my literal worst on more than a few nights out... (less said about that, Mick, the better) I was still as nervous as a Beholder waiting on an eye exam before our first online DnD session over Discord/Roll20.

It wasn’t until Paddy had said “gentlemen, it’s been too ******* long” that I finally began to relax. Rather than going into how well the game went (it didn’t and we got reminded what being level 2 really felt like in the context of the game) I want to talk about talking.


When we have a chance to chat or share a laugh, I feel a hundred times better. We're looking at a potential Haggis and Dragons talk show featuring the Haggis and Dragons team, chatting with each other and well, you! It doesn’t have to be about DnD, it can be about anything that’s been on your mind. Or you might have questions for us. No pressure, just grab your favourite drink and step in for a wee chat. We could even talk about your favourite drink. Let us know as we're constantly looking for more ways to interact with this amazing community and bring us all together during this weird weird time. I’d also love to hear what you think about these wee blogs and how you think we can improve them so Comment, Like, Share, Message, the works!


Speaking of more ways to interact with each and every one of you, we're releasing a weekly newsletter which we’ll release... wait for it … weekly. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings. Any and all feedback is more than welcome. We always appreciate and love your support. Hope you’re all remembering to brush your teeth.

Keep rollin 20s!

Haggis and Dragons.



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