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Our Story So Far

Hi there, it’s Paddy here, and I wanted to take the opportunity of borrowing your ears, and giving you all a bit of an update, on how things have been for us in 2020 especially, and what we have for you over this year! We’re really excited, and look forward to giving you more entertainment, and even more facepalms.

First off a HUGE thank you to everyone who has joined us since our inception in October 2019.

From then until now, and as of this recording, in January 2021, we have completed the recording and published all episodes of the first Season of our DND Live play podcast.

At the beginning of 2020, we felt we started the year strong. There was a fantastic community event at PodUK in February, the release of new content. But all that stopped, due to the global pandemic. Which hit us all hard.

A lot of the things that we list below we’d define as achievements, as well as aspirations for the coming year, that are in no way reflective of our mindsets and mutual struggles throughout 2020.

Never before have we seen the world grind to a halt, and see so many dangerous and uncertain times, where our priorities became our loved ones, families, friends and supporters with content creation at the back of our minds.

We recognize the importance of having an outlet though, feeling a connection in an isolated world. Living in times with so few distractions from real-life issues, even as content creators we became reliant on other podcasts to help us get through, and we understood our duty to contribute to this well needed respite for our fans.

Our motivation has always been to entertain, and to connect with all of you across social media, digital services and audio podcast platforms. In 2020. Whilst we have generated some material during this time, it’s a lot less than we had originally planned for. The forefront of our minds we’re to keep ourselves and families healthy and supported. It was a real struggle to be in the right frame of mind to deliver content but with your help and understanding, we are in a position to deliver everything and more that we hoped for last year. We are here for you.

Not long after our inception we incorporated ourselves into Haggis and Dragons Productions. Which not only focuses on narrative driven TTRPG but allows us to set foot further into creating content in other ways.

We first started by putting together scripted storytelling narrated by myself in our Lorecast series. This dives deep into the world of the Live Play podcast. It’s also gave us the opportunity to work at one of our biggest passions, Audio Drama.

This is where we are today and what we have planned is exciting and ground breaking for us all and we hope you can follow us on this journey.

Here is a breakdown of the projects we are currently working on this year.

First off, The Haggis and Dragons RPG Campaign season 2! We were able to record the first episode before the pandemic hit. We potentially looked at continuing this online, but with technical issues, we have opted to wait until the pandemic is over.

Krusk, Bjorg, Ivor and Harald, continue to be a source of entertainment, with some interesting developments. I wont spoil it for anyone who has not yet caught up, and if you were waiting for Season 1 to finish before engaging full on binge mode, please feel free to revisit, as Season 1 is 26 Episodes long lasting over 1000 minutes of content recorded over the space of a year. We are in the process of not just remastering the first season, but creating a whole new soundscape of every episode to create a more immersive experience for the listener. The production of this will be streamed over on our Twitch channel, alongside the new content we will discuss in a moment.

So yes! TWITCH! This is a new venture for us, something we didn’t initially plan on implementing at this point, but with global circumstances, this seems to be a fantastic way that we as a team can engage with yourselves in a live setting. A huge thank you to our friends and supporters who have helped us with the platform, and start to deliver some nice online gaming sessions, such as Gloomhaven Digital and we’re HUGELY excited to be journeying through Ravenloft, as we play the Curse of Strahd! This will also be available on our YouTube not long after the stream.

Another Project we will continue to develop and evolve is the Lorecasts. We will also be working with guest narrators to cover everything from the politics, history, natural beings, gods, heroes and villains, and even a graveyard.

We will also continue to put polls out on twitter with suggestions for you to vote on. Please feel free to ping me at HaggisPaddy on twitter, and i’ll happily take requests.

We’re REALLY excited to be introducing you to our biggest project to date. The Supernatural Horror podcast; The Secret of St Kilda.

Created by Ross and Michael and written by Naomi, they have made something original, compelling, and soul stirring.

Check out the trailer on Youtube, which in my own humble opinion is just fantastic. It sets the scene wonderfully, for the Scottish isles of St Kilda, and what happens when our desperate protagonist runs to the end of the world. Sounds peaceful, doesn't it?

We have started a Patreon too, which is the best way to support us, we have exclusive content that we upload regularly such as the fabled episode zero from our RPG game in which the player characters meet for the first time. Production content such as scripts for Lorecast and Episode notes and even early release of episodes! Thats

The Wee Natter Season 2 will be recording over the next few months, this will interviews with all your favourite creators conducted by myself, Ross and Michael.

Finally, i’m excited to be taking part in some fantastic collaborations, interviews and meetings with fellow podcasters, dungeons and dragons players, twitch streamers and more.

As you can see, its always worthwhile doing this update, and I hope you’ve heard something thats useful.

We are still very much here to have fun, and we’ll continue to develop new ways of reaching out, engaging, gaming, and ultimately sharing experiences.

Thank you, and a final wish from me. Its a very challenging time out there at the moment, and we are very definitely missing sharing a table with each other.

We hope we can keep you entertained, and connected with this amazing community of creators, podcasters, supports and friends. We look forward to speaking with you all.

From all of us at Haggis and Dragons Productions, slainte mvath, best of health, and thank you. twitter: @haggispaddy @haggisdragons


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